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World Health Day – Treat Yourself to an InBody Test

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April 7th is world health day, in celebration we want to share 3 ways you can improve your overall health, through body composition.

Gain #1:  You reduce your cardiometabolic risk.

Measuring your body composition values is far better for accurately distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy body weight, than BMI, because of its ability to differentiate between lean body mass and fat mass.
This is important when it comes to understanding your cardiometabolic risk. Cardiometabolic risk refers to your chance of developing the following health conditions: diabetes, heart disease, or stroke.

Gain #2: You reduce your chances of suffering from issues associated with high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is fat cells found in your blood. While cholesterol is an essential part of healthy cells, when you have high cholesterol deposits formed in your veins it increases your cardiometabolic risk – like stroke and heart disease.  

In a research study published by the Mayo Clinic last year, the recommended body fat percentage range is associated with increased good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL). By increasing HDL, the harmful cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) levels are significantly reduced.

Gain #3: You’ll be able to recognize the symptoms of prediabetes early.

Recognizing what you’re made of in terms of fat, muscle, water, and bones are beneficial if you want to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Like many diseases, the key is early detection. The issue is that the symptoms of this chronic disease can be so mild, most people don’t notice problems until years of long-term damage.   

In a study of 4,828 subjects aged between 18-80 years in Spain, it was found out that body fat percentage was significantly higher in men and women (with normal BMI) with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes than those with normal blood sugar levels.

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