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Wait, That’s a Portion?! – Let’s Talk Portion Control

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Let’s Talk Portion Control!

It may take some practice to become a better judge of serving sizes and portions, especially as you put entire meals together. But the more you practice, the more control you’ll have over portion sizes. Controlling portion sizes also means controlling calories — and that’s key to achieving your weight-loss goals.

Portion Control Tips

Don’t let big portions get the best of you! Portions can be out of control when dining out, and may even be an issue when cooking meals at home. But know this: there are plenty of ways to counter problematic portions.

Visualize your portions! Learn and understand what different measurements may look like! Refer to the comparisons below to help assist you.

Invest! Measuring cups are so underrated! They can be an easy, useful tool to make sure you’re not overdoing a specific food. Keep your measuring cups handy, or purchase some that you’d be interested in showing off!

Food scales are another great way to make sure your portions are controlled. Food analysis food scales are also available and can be a great option to assure you’re portioning out your food correctly.

Prep! Meal prepping for the day, week, or an event can assist you in controlling portions. Having pre-portioned meals takes the thought out of how much you should serve yourself at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plan to follow a recipe, so you know where your calories are coming from – and prioritize some time to get things cooking. When you’re done, get yourself some mason jars or Tupperware to stock your fridge or freezer for the future.

Eating the correct portions might seem overwhelming at first, but with time it will become second nature!

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