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Featured Image for Fit Tip: 5 Benefits of Helping Others

Fit Tip: 5 Benefits of Helping Others

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GIVE BACK TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND THE WORLD AROUND YOU Volunteers say they like helping others and being useful, but volunt

Fit Tip: Know Your Breast Cancer Risk

Monday Morning Fit Tip: KNOW YOUR BREAST CANCER RISK In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this week’s fit tip focuses on what YOU CAN DO f

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Boot Camp

Monday Morning Fit Tip: AVOID THESE COMMON MISTAKES No one expects you to be perfect during class, but the mistakes below could result in a less-effec

Fit Tip: Less is More

Monday Morning Fit Tip: Less is More                             photo credit un

Fit Tip: Be Ready for a Sleeveless Summer!

Do this workout twice a week, along with cardio and a balanced diet, and be Tank Top-Ready by summer!              

3 Easy Ways to Think Yourself Thin!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AND FEEL BY CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK! Think: “Pilates won’t just give me better abs; it