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Featured Image for 5 Ways to BOOST Your BOOTY

5 Ways to BOOST Your BOOTY

In the new “I’m Doing This for ME!” class, members are requesting mostly CORE and BUTT exercises. Try these 5 exercises to shape &am

Fit Tip: Squat Safely

Monday Morning Fit Tip SQUAT SAFELY TO PROTECT YOUR KNEES If squats hurt your knees, chances are that you’re not doing them correctly.  Check yo

Fit Tip: Shape Up For Spring

Are you looking to trim and tone for shorts season? Having a strong lower body not only looks good, it also helps keep your knees, hips, and lower bac

Fit Tip: Squat It Like It’s Hot

Monday Morning Fitness Tip: SQUAT SAFELY FOR SUPERIOR RESULTS Squats are one of the most efficient exercises as they help you build muscle and burn fa