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Memorial Day Motivation

Extra Memorial Day Motivation: Workout this morning & start your holiday on the right foot. Keep a water bottle handy to keep yourself hydrated AL

Rock Those Short Summer Shorts

Monday Motivation: ROCK THOSE SHORT SUMMER SHORTS Show your legs some love with this quick workout, and wear shorts with the best accessory: confidenc

Monday Motivation

The scale doesn’t give a complete answer regarding your progress & fitness level.  If you’re noticing any of the points below, YOUR

The Secret to Awesome Abs

Monday Motivation: GOOD POSTURE, EXERCISE AND DIET MAKE GREAT ABS! Nutrition and fitness experts all agree that flat abs are made possible with the co

Do Some Down Dogs

Monday Motivation: PRACTICING YOGA MAY BE JUST AS GOOD FOR YOUR HEART AS RUNNING OR SWIMMING! Researchers have found that Yoga helps lower your blood

30 Minutes or 3 Miles?

Monday Motivation: Tempted to skip your workout? Try just 30 minutes or 3 miles. Chances are, you’ll be so into it that you’ll go over the

An Excuse to Buy New Shoes

Monday Motivation: WEAR GOOD SHOES Most running shoes last about 350 miles.  If you’ve been hitting the gym (and the treadmill) all winter, chan

When & Why You Should Modify

Monday Motivation: THE FOCUS OF YOUR WORKOUT SHOULD BE FULL RANGE OF MOTION   Use exercise modifications when you need them, such as leaving 1 or

Sitting is the New Smoking

Monday Motivation: GET UP! Prolonged sitting is associated with 34 chronic diseases and conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, back pain

Overcoming Challenges

Monday Motivation: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES Experience victory over these common fitness obstacles: TOO BUSY?  Try an express class or interval workout!