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Fitness Techniques

Featured Image for Fit Tip: Pick Kettlebells for the Win!

Fit Tip: Pick Kettlebells for the Win!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: ADD KETTLEBELLS TO YOUR ROUTINE!               **Bonus: Find quick & fun Kettlebell wor

Fit Tip: Take a Plunge

Monday Morning Fit Tip: WORK OUT IN THE POOL YOU CAN GET A GREAT WORKOUT IN THE POOL!  The major benefit of working out in water is that you get resis

Monday Fit Tip: Just Say “No!”

Monday Morning Fit Tip: JUST SAY “NO” TO KNEE PAIN! While a doctor should diagnose the cause of severe knee pain, there are a few small ch

Fit Tip: Get Flatter Abs Now!

Monday Morning Fitness Tip: TRY STANDING ABS TO ACTIVATE MORE MUSCLES AND BURN MORE CALORIES! We’re taking our crunches off the mat to help you

Fit Tip: Perfect Your Plank

Monday Morning Fit Tip: PERFECT YOUR PLANK FOR BETTER RESULTS Good form isn’t just about looks – it’s necessary for activating your

Fit Tip: Cut Out the Crunches

Monday Morning Fit Tip: STOP CRUNCHING- FOCUS ON YOUR ENTIRE CORE Core workouts aren’t just another fitness trend.  A strong core, which include

Fit Tip: Shop for Superfoods

Monday Morning Fit Tip: HELP YOURSELF TO THE TOP 10 HEALTHIEST FOODS These 10 superfoods are proven, expert-beloved disease fighters and energy booste

Fit Tip: Be a Tortoise, Not a Hare

Monday Morning Fit Tip: LIFT WEIGHTS SUPER-SLOW FOR SUPER-FAST RESULTS                 If you’re running, biking, and attacking that e

Fit Tip: Pick Up Your Pace

Monday Morning Fit Tip: PICK UP YOUR PACE                                You want to be healthy.  You eat well & workout.  But sometimes life gets

5 Fit Tips: Flat Abs Fast!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: FLATTEN YOUR ABS FASTER WITH THE FIT TIPS BELOW!                           1.  Make time for cardio  If you want to burn the m