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Fitness Techniques

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We’ve rounded up some favorite blog entries to help you enjoy a healthier Memorial Day:   One more tip? Get a quick workout before the part

Fit Tip: Get a Smaller Waistline … Before Work!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: DO A QUICK CORE WORKOUT- BEFORE WORK! You can strengthen your back and trim your waistline – without even getting out of

Fit Tip: Be Ready for a Sleeveless Summer!

Do this workout twice a week, along with cardio and a balanced diet, and be Tank Top-Ready by summer!              

5 Reasons To Do BURPEES Every Day

Monday Morning Fit Tip: DO BURPEES EVERY DAY! Those who have tried Burpees seem to have a love/hate relationship with them – hate doing them, bu

3 Easy Ways to Think Yourself Thin!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AND FEEL BY CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK! Think: “Pilates won’t just give me better abs; it

Fit Tip: The 5 Hottest Fitness Trends for Spring

Monday Morning Fit Tip: TRY NEW FITNESS TRENDS TO STAY MOTIVATED         DANCE EXERCISE – Working out has never been so fun!

Fast Workouts = Lasting Results!

The longer you workout, the better your results will be.  Right? Maybe not.  Research is showing that 30 minutes is the new sweet spot!  Try one of th

Fit Tip: Shape Up For Spring

Are you looking to trim and tone for shorts season? Having a strong lower body not only looks good, it also helps keep your knees, hips, and lower bac

Fit Tip: Lift Weights

5 REASONS WHY WEIGHT-LIFTING SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR REGULAR EXERCISE SCHEDULE: For Heart Health!  February is American Heart Month, and lifting weight

1 Move Can Tone Your Entire Lower Body

Monday Morning Fit Tip: LUNGE!! Lunges shape your lower body, increase muscle, develop core strength, and can improve your hip flexibility!  Read lung