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St. Patrick’s Day Health Hacks!

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What’s the best way to partake in St. Patrick’s Day, and still keep a conscious eye on your health? Might seem impossible right? Well we have three go to tips that are sure to help you stay in check, even when it seems like there is no healthy end in sight. 


  1. Keep a drink in your hand. All St. Patrick’s Day work parties, have excessive amounts of food. The best way to keep your cravings in check is by having a drink in your hand. If your hands are full, it’ll make it much easier to avoid the dessert table and mindless snacking. 
  2. Drink one to two glasses of water before the party. Drinking water is a great way to feel full, which will help to keep those cookie cravings in check.  
  3. Stick to your weekly fitness routine. Don’t forget to sweat it out! One of the best ways to feel great is by sticking to your workout schedule. Even if you’re only able to sweat for 30mins a day, something is better than nothing!

Overall it is important to remember health and life is all about balance. One bad meal will not make you gain 5lbs, just like one healthy meal will not have you dropping 5lbs. Slip ups happen, just remember it’s important to jump back into your workout and meal plan the next day. Don’t let one cookie snowball into a week of cheat meals!

Emily Vanderwalde

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