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Biggest Loser – Lose it for Summer!

$119.00 $99.00


Product Description

Our trainers  have been focused on all levels of  fitness and weight loss for over 20 years, and are teaming up to help everyone succeed in this NEW Weight Loss Challenge!

Even if you’ve tried other things and failed – we can help!

Victory’s Biggest Loser Challenge includes a comprehensive weight loss plan that teaches you skills to lose the weight – and keep it off!

Challenge and compete with yourself to lose as much fat and weight as possible in the safest and most consistent way which is thru exercise and proper Nutrition.
*You will receive the newest in body scan, taking the guess work out and making it easier to eat right.
*You will get a program designed by a certified trainer, some great meal plan samples to help guide your food choices for your body type. and a optional weekly meet and support workout with the other members and trainer @7pm Tuesday or Monday mornings @ 9am .
Hurry Only, Only 50 spots open. Program starts May 13th. First 10 to sign up will get a Free Fitness journal valued at $24.

Get tools for meal planning & grocery shopping – you can’t eat well unless you have a plan in place!

We provide delicious, healthy recipes & nutrition tips to keep you excited (not hungry!) about your new, healthier lifestyle!

Most importantly, you will have the support of the Biggest Loser community (trainers and members) so that you can be successful and finally jump start that weight loss!