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Not Ready to Return to the Gym? – Here’s 4 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy!

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With the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic still among us, you might be wondering how you can boost your immune system as you begin to venture out of quarantine and the state loosens its restrictions. If you’re looking to strengthen your immune system, exercise can help!

It is no secret that exercise has a multitude of benefits when it comes to your health and well being. Not only can exercise improve your cardiovascular health, control body weight and lower blood pressure, but it can also help improve your immune response and lower your illness risk too! For most people, the state’s Stay-at-Home Order probably turned many normal routines upside down. Gyms closed and many were left feeling fearful to go outside and lacked any real workout equipment. Now that gyms are opening, it’s important to consider your exercise options and how you might be able to further strengthen your immune system.

We completely understand if you do not feel comfortable stepping inside the gym yet. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s  good to skip exercising all together. We want to help you find ways to train and stay active whether or not you choose to return to the gym just yet. Here are some suggestions on staying healthy and keeping active:

  • Hire a trainer – Find a trainer that has access to exclusive training facilities and time slots. This way, you can benefit from your trainer’s guidance AND have plenty of room to social distance.
  • Sign up for an outdoor class or bootcamp – Training outside in a small group allows you to get a great workout in while having even more freedom to spread out!
  • Check out our Virtual Gym – As gyms began to close, many Victory Fitness Center members continued their training online through our Virtual Gym live Zoom classes! Live Zoom classes give you the ability to do a live workout with an instructor that can actually see you doing your workout! Some have even opted to workout this way from now on, and that’s ok! We will be providing more information on our website soon for those that are interested!
  • FLEX Fitness on Demand App –   Our Flex Fitness on Demand App is FREE until the end of June! Should you be interested, please email victoryfitness@yahoo.com for a link and instructions to get started.

No matter how you choose to stay active, we’ll be here to help you be your healthiest self! Here at Victory Fitness Center, we’re dedicated to helping you exercise AND stay safe! If you haven’t yet returned to our fitness centers, we hope to see you soon.


Have questions for us? Feel free to give us a call at (614) 351-1717. We’re happy to help. Stay safe!

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