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Fit Tip: Train for Real Life

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Monday Morning Fit Tip:


What is “Functional Fitness”?  It’s about training your body to handle real-life situations by performing exercises that use multiple muscles and joints at the same time.  Why?  To improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility – and possibly decrease injuries.

  The key to functional exercise is integration.  It’s about teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.  In functional fitness, most of the time, you should be standing on your own two feet and supporting your own weight when you lift anything.  This will help you teach your body control and balance.

 So should you abandon the weight machines at the gym for a program that’s all about free weights and balance?  Not necessarily.  If you don’t isolate and strengthen muscles independently, the strong will compensate for the weak – so the strong muscles will get stronger while the weaker muscles stay weak.  If you combine isolation and functional exercises, your muscles will all get stronger and learn to work together.

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 Questions?  Ask below, or ask a trainer the next time you’re at the club.

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Kathie Brown

Certified NASM and AFAA Personal Trainer. Over 20 years experience. Specializes in weight loss, athletes and women body building and leaning out. Crossfit athlete, trains and competes in Crossfit competitions. Took the L1 Crossfit course and completed the judges course. Enjoys working with all levels and body types and loves seeing her clients get stronger and feel confident.

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