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Fit Tip: Stress Less This Holiday Season

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Monday Morning Fit Tip:


 The holidays can be joyful and fun with lots of time shared shared with family and friends, but they can also bring stress and anxiety as we struggle to keep up with often-unrealistic demands and expectations.  That’s why it is so important for all of us to relax and take good care of ourselves.  Here are some tips for surviving the holidays with increased energy- and decreased stress!

 1.  Take time for yourself. Although spending time with friends and family is essential, it’s also important to have at least five minutes to yourself to relax. Try practicing deep breathing exercise when you feel stressed out.

2.  Set realistic exercise goals.  Feeling super-busy?  Aim to exercise 20 minutes a day instead of an hour. You’ll be sure to get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day without feeling disappointed if you do not complete an hour.

3.  Ask a friend or family member to exercise with you. Walking and talking with a friend can be a great way to burn extra calories and reduce your stress level.

 4.  Create new, more active traditions. Instead of throwing a dessert or dinner party, try ice-skating, skiing, sledding or building or build a snowman.

5.  Drink plenty of water. Although the cold weather may make you less inclined to grab a glass of water, it is just as important in the winter as it is during the summer. Water helps counter the dehydrating effects of travel or drinking alcoholic beverages, and it may also help satiate your appetite since thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

6.  Don’t aim for perfection, and enjoy the imperfections. There is no such thing as the perfect party or the perfect decorations or the perfect way to spend the holidays. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by placing unrealistic demands on yourself.

7.  Laugh!  Laughing is a great tension reliever.  It burns calories, reduces stress and usually means that you’re enjoying yourself!

Kathie Brown

Certified NASM and AFAA Personal Trainer. Over 20 years experience. Specializes in weight loss, athletes and women body building and leaning out. Crossfit athlete, trains and competes in Crossfit competitions. Took the L1 Crossfit course and completed the judges course. Enjoys working with all levels and body types and loves seeing her clients get stronger and feel confident.

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