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Fit Tip: Bust Out the BOSU!

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Monday Morning Fit Tip:



BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up,” because you can use either side of it to enhance your workout.  The BOSU ball forces you to maintain your center of gravity while any exercise, providing a phenomenal way to prepare and tone your body for everyday life.  Here are 3 quick & easy ways to add the BOSU into your workout!

1.  Plank

By moving your plank from the floor to the BOSU (see picture above), you will engage your stabilizer muscles for an even better core workout!  *Challenge: try a walking plank!  Straighten your right arm, then left, then move back down onto your forearms.  That’s 1!  Aim for 10, keeping your abdominal muscles tight and your hips level.

2.  Triple Squats

With the platform side down, stand to the side of the BOSU with your right foot on top. Squat down, then step onto the dome with your left foot and lower into another squat. Next, step to the other side of the BOSU and squat, repeating the sequence of triple squats for about a minute.  *Challenge: Take out the middle squat, jumping from side to side to squat.


3.  Mountain Climbers

With your hands on the flat side of the BOSU or holding onto the edges, start in plank position.  Bring one knee at a time up towards your chest, squeezing your abdominals inwards to protect your back.  Once you have the hang of it, try increasing your speed. *Challenge: Do 3 sets of 10 Mountain Climbers followed by 10 Push-ups.

Photo Credits: www.fitbie.com


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Kathie Brown

Certified NASM and AFAA Personal Trainer. Over 20 years experience. Specializes in weight loss, athletes and women body building and leaning out. Crossfit athlete, trains and competes in Crossfit competitions. Took the L1 Crossfit course and completed the judges course. Enjoys working with all levels and body types and loves seeing her clients get stronger and feel confident.

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