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Don’t Be Intimidated by Workout Machines

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  • NEW? Most machines have a picture demonstrating it’s use, making it great for those just starting out.
  • BUILD MUSCLE FASTER: Because the machine encourages proper form, you can lift heavier for faster results – without increasing risk of injury!
  • SPEAKING OF INJURIES… Strength training can be done safely & precisely on the weight machines, so you can work around existing injuries.



  • DO A CIRCUIT! They’re designed to give you a total body workout as you move from one machine to the next.
  • TORCH MORE CALORIES by adding 60 seconds of cardio in between machines. Try high knees, jumping jacks, push-ups, and burpees!


If you’d like help with a weight machine – or want us to check your form – please ask a Coach!  We’re here to help!

Kathie Brown

Certified NASM and AFAA Personal Trainer. Over 20 years experience. Specializes in weight loss, athletes and women body building and leaning out. Crossfit athlete, trains and competes in Crossfit competitions. Took the L1 Crossfit course and completed the judges course. Enjoys working with all levels and body types and loves seeing her clients get stronger and feel confident.

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