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5 Ways to Shed the “Quarantine 15”

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Everyone’s heard of the “Freshman 15” referring to those extra pounds gained by college freshman while they learn to adjust to college life.  As the Coronavirus took hold and we were ordered to stay-at-home whenever possible, a new term emerged, the “quarantine 15” referring to those extra pounds so many of us have gained during the pandemic! If you’ve gained some weight during quarantine, you’re not alone!

Covid-19 quickly changed our way of life in every aspect. Once the pandemic took hold, many people lost their jobs and had to file for unemployment, many were isolated completely and couldn’t see family and friends and pretty much everyone experienced a complete disruption in routine. Many of us have been feeling more stressed and in turn, look to food for comfort. This stress can convince our bodies that we’re in fight or flight mode, and that will make our bodies hold onto calories in case we must fight or run away!

If you’ve been snacking more than normal and you’re noticing some weight gain, we’re here to help! Here’s some tips on how to manage the uncertainty and ultimately, your waistband:

  • Establish a daily routine. If you’ve experienced a disruption in routine, it can be easy to sleep in and hang out in your pajamas all day. Don’t! Establish a time to wake up and go to bed. Change your clothes and even dress up as it’s easier to ignore weight gain if you’re in sweatpants every day. Plan out your meals ahead of time and make sure you have what you need for those meals at home.
  • Think about how you are eating. Be aware of your portions and eat proteins first as they will keep you fuller, longer. When shopping, don’t purchase items that you know you’ll binge on. If it’s not in the house, you’re less likely to go out and get it. Use your extra time to learn how to cook healthier meals!
  • Focus on getting enough sleep. With the added stress it can be hard to get adequate sleep. Focus on getting at least 7 hours per night (establishing a daily routine will help).
  • Practice managing stress. If you’re feeling more stressed out because of the pandemic (which most are), try journaling, yoga, prayer or anything that helps calm your nerves. Practice these things and be aware of when stressful situations arrise so that you can be better prepared to handle them!
  • Be active! Whether it’s in the gym, outside or in your home, you must stay active and keep moving! We’re here to welcome you back to the club whenever you decide to return! Luckily, we can help get you back on track with our InBody Body Fat Testing (which is half off by the way) which allows you to see what your weight really represents. Click here to learn more about the benefits of body fat testing!

We know that for many of you, the 3-months in quarantine has really taken a toll in many ways. Don’t let it effect your waistline and ultimately, your overall health!

If you’re looking for help in getting back on track, click here to contact us!

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