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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Featured Image for Fit Tip: Choose Heart-Healthy Snacks

Fit Tip: Choose Heart-Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacking can help you reach your goals while feeling satisfied.  Here are some delicious ideas to help you stay on track:   CRUNCHY Go for gre

Fit Tip: Don’t Drink Too Much

Monday Morning Fit Tip: DRINK COFFEE! Research has linked coffee with many health benefits: Reduced risk of Type-2 Diabetes Reduced risk of some cance

Fit Tip: Lift Weights

5 REASONS WHY WEIGHT-LIFTING SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR REGULAR EXERCISE SCHEDULE: For Heart Health!  February is American Heart Month, and lifting weight

10 Ways to Reduce Body Fat

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GET A HEALTHY HEART February is American Heart Month.   One way to show your heart some love is by maintaining a healthy weigh