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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Featured Image for 1 Move Can Tone Your Entire Lower Body

1 Move Can Tone Your Entire Lower Body

Monday Morning Fit Tip: LUNGE!! Lunges shape your lower body, increase muscle, develop core strength, and can improve your hip flexibility!  Read lung

Fit Tip: Write it Down!

Monday Morning Tip: Want to lose twice as much weight? KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL A growing amount of research has shown that people who keep a food journal

The Secret to Awesome Abs

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GOOD POSTURE, EXERCISE AND DIET MAKE GREAT ABS! Nutrition and fitness experts all agree that flat abs are made possible with t

Fit Tip: Make Mini-Goals

Monday Morning Fit Tip; MAKE MINI-GOALS TO REACH YOUR BIG GOALS! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?  It’s great to have big fitness goa