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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Featured Image for Fit Tip: Move Your Hips!

Fit Tip: Move Your Hips!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: STRETCH YOUR HIPS AFTER RUNNING Sometimes when we run, our leg doesn’t extend back far enough before swinging forward ag

Fit Tip: Spice Up Your Salad!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: ADD A SALAD TO YOUR NEXT MEAL, OR MAKE YOUR MEAL A SALAD   Veggies are essential for a healthy diet and body!  Vegetables

Fit Tip: Busy? Try a 1-Minute Workout!

            Monday Morning Fit Tip: FIT EXERCISE INTO YOUR BUSY DAY, 1 MINUTE AT A TIME We’re loving this Pinteres

Fit Tip: Don’t “Resist” Change!

Your body is smart!  Doing the same exercises over and over (same range of motion, angles, etc) doesn’t challenge your body.  If your body isn&#