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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Featured Image for Fit Tip: Squat It Like It’s Hot

Fit Tip: Squat It Like It’s Hot

Monday Morning Fitness Tip: SQUAT SAFELY FOR SUPERIOR RESULTS Squats are one of the most efficient exercises as they help you build muscle and burn fa

Fit Tip: Curb Your Cravings

Monday Morning Fit Tip: CURB YOUR CRAVINGS THE HEALTHY WAY The number one reason that we crave sugary snacks is that our insulin is high, and when it

Monday Fit Tip: Spring Clean

Monday Morning Fit Tip: SPRING CLEAN YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE! Spring is coming – time to pack away the sweaters and pull out the shorts!  Are you r

Monday Fit Tip: Just Say “No!”

Monday Morning Fit Tip: JUST SAY “NO” TO KNEE PAIN! While a doctor should diagnose the cause of severe knee pain, there are a few small ch

Fit Tip: Get Back on Track

Monday Morning Fit Tip: SET-BACKS HAPPEN, BUT DON’T GIVE UP! Here are 10 simple ways to get back on track today! START now – recommit toda