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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Featured Image for Fit Tip: Get Flatter Abs Now!

Fit Tip: Get Flatter Abs Now!

Monday Morning Fitness Tip: TRY STANDING ABS TO ACTIVATE MORE MUSCLES AND BURN MORE CALORIES! We’re taking our crunches off the mat to help you

Fit Tip: Try 3 Group Fitness Classes a Week!

Monday Morning Fit Tip: TRY 3 GROUP FITNESS CLASSES A WEEK FOR BETTER RESULTS Exercise doesn’t have to be lonely or boring.  Group fitness class

Fit Tip: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

  Monday Morning Fit Tip: STAY FOCUSED TO SEE RESULTS It’s been over 6 weeks since  New Year’s Resolutions… How are you doing?

Fit Tip: The Pro’s of Probiotics

Monday Morning Fit Tip: BUILD MUSCLE TONE WITH A POST-WORKOUT PROBIOTIC   You’ve probably already heard that probiotics are good bacteria that h