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fitness on a mission logoGet SNEAK PEEKS of raffle and Silent Auction items! Thank you for your support!  See you Saturday!
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Fit Tip: Beat Back the Winter Blues with Exercise

winterrunningMonday Morning Fit Tip: BEAT BACK THE WINTER BLUES WITH EXERCISE  The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping.  As winter begins some people feel the “winter blues,” which consists of symptoms like lack of motivation, fatigue, low energy, feelings of slight depression*, and craving comfort foods (that aren’t usually healthy).  Exercise is a great way […]
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Fit Tip: Kill Your Excuse

girlgymbagMonday Morning Fit Tip: PROVE YOURSELF WRONG  If you think that you’re too busy to exercise, try this experiment:  For one day, schedule a time to work out and stick to it – even if you can only exercise for 10 minutes.  At the end of the day, ask yourself if you were less productive […]
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Fit Tip: Stressed? Work It Out!

      Monday Morning Fit Tip: Stressed?  Work it out! People who effectively manage stress cite working out as their #1 stress-fighting weapon.  Top activities include a trip to the gym, going for a power walk, running and yoga.  During exercise you are able to think through your problems and evaluate different solutions while removed from the actual […]
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Fit Tip: Overcome Injuries

Monday Morning Fit Tip: OVERCOME INJURIES   Injury prevention is ideal.  But what should you do when you get hurt?  Should you stop working out?  When is it safe to start again?  If it doesn’t feel severe enough to see a Doctor, try these tips to overcome the injury.         What’s Causing the Pain?  […]
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Fit Tip: Could Giving Back Improve Your Health?

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GIVE BACK TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & THE WORLD AROUND YOU                 We’ve always heard that it’s ‘better to give than to receive…’ and now there is scientific evidence to back that up! Studies about volunteering in the USA have shown that people vounteer […]
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Fit Tip: Stay Away from the 4 S’s

Monday Morning Fit Tip: Stay Away from the 4 S’s If you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, you need to limit the amount of Sugar, Starches, Sodium & Saturated fat in your diet.   1. Sugar Sugars and starches raise your blood sugars and can be converted to fat.  There are different types of […]
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Fit Tip: Burn Fat Fast!

floorexercisesMonday Morning Fit Tip: BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS BURN FAT  Why Bodyweight Workouts? Bodyweight – we all have it.  Whether you’re at the club, at home, or on vacation, you can use your bodyweight for a very effective workout.   Using only your body weight as resistance builds strength and stamina quickly.  This increased strength means more muscle […]

Fit Tip: Better Results with a Friend

friendsMonday Morning Fit Tip: WORK OUT WITH A PARTNER Benefits Having a workout partner keeps you accountable.    Some days you’re tired and would just rather be at home.  That would be easy to do if someone wasn’t waiting for you!  And on those days your partner isn’t feeling it, you’ll inspire them!   Once you’re at […]
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Fit Tip: Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

iStock_000018046348LargeMonday Morning Fit Tip: SET S.M.A.R.T. GOALS The goal of becoming a healthier person should trump all other goals.  Weight loss, improved muscle tone, and increased muscle mass are all side effects of improved health.  But sometimes you need other, more specific goals to help keep you motivated.  When setting your goals, keep these S.M.A.R.T. tips […]
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