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November News

strong1A Totally NEW Kind of Workout! This FREE class combines high intensity interval training synced with awesome music!  You’ll push past your perceived limits to reach your fitness goals faster!  Please bring a mat. Try STRONG by Zumba: Come to Victory West this Friday, Nov 11th at 6:30pm and Thursday, Nov 17th at 7:30pm – then […]

Member Spotlight: Steven

amyandsteven-zumba2016  Steven has been a member at Victory for 2 years.  He was getting a little bored doing the same cardio equipment each day, so an instructor suggested that he try Zumba.   Steven says, “I love Zumba with Amy (shown here) and Tracey because it’s so much fun!”  It’s his way to relieve stress […]

The Cool Down is Key!

girlstrechingshoesWe know you’re busy, but running out before the cool down can dull the benefits you’ve worked so hard for!  It can stunt muscle repair, cause extra muscle soreness, and even dizziness!  How should you cool down? Spend about 3 minutes slowing down, doing an easier version of your workout.  Then stretch, holding each one […]

Afraid of Free Weights?

freeweightsMonday Motivation: FREE WEIGHTS ARE YOUR FRIEND! FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.  Free weights allow you to improve your strength, balance, and coordination while moving with a full range of motion.  This helps you train for real-life movements! FIX MUSCLE IMBALANCES – when lifting 2 separate weights, the dominant side can’t assist the weaker side. HEALTHIER JOINTS:  Getting […]

Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps/Day?

STEPSADAY  10,000 Steps = 30 Minutes of Exercise a day, helping you reach the recommended 150 minutes/week.  This makes “10,000 Steps” a great goal for the average person, but doesn’t automatically make you healthy & fit! If aiming for a certain number helps motivate you to be more active, then please count those steps!  However, […]

Want a NEW WORKOUT Every.Single.Day?

personaltraininggirlsRequest a FREE Coaching Pass:      

Don’t Be Intimidated by Workout Machines

11041916_869381623124969_9170946790645809143_oNEW? Most machines have a picture demonstrating it’s use, making it great for those just starting out. BUILD MUSCLE FASTER: Because the machine encourages proper form, you can lift heavier for faster results – without increasing risk of injury! SPEAKING OF INJURIES… Strength training can be done safely & precisely on the weight machines, so you can […]

Tips for Cardio Lovers!

11041916_869381623124969_9170946790645809143_oMONDAY MOTIVATION: Do you know that you should be lifting weights – but just love your cardio too much? Combine aerobics and resistance training to LOSE MORE WEIGHT than you would just doing cardio! Alternate weight training/cardio days, or weight train before a cardio class like Zumba Lift weights first, while your body is still fresh, to […]

3 Quick Tips for Perfect Push-Ups!


Burn More Calories on the Elliptical!

ellipticalMONDAY MOTIVATION: Boost Your Calorie Burn!   WORK YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Choose a machine that requires both leg and arm work. You’ll activate more muscles while improving circulation, increasing calorie burn, and strengthening your abs, back and core! LOOK FOR AN “INTERVAL” SETTING: Intervals are challenging, but they also get the job done faster! Be […]
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