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Personal Fitness Training

Fit Tip: Love Your Leggings

Monday Morning Fit Tip: LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK IN LEGGINGS! Whether at the gym or running errands, yoga pants and leggings have become a winter wardrobe staple.  Do a 5 minute cardio warm-up, complete the leg circuit from Popsugar (see below) TWICE, stretch, and you’re done!  Try doing this workout 2 times each week along […]

Fit Tip: Tone Up in Front of the TV

tvworkoutMonday Morning Fit Tip: TONE UP IN FRONT OF THE TV Just because the new falls shows are addicting doesn’t mean your body needs to take the shape of the couch!  Instead of working the DVR, work your body during the commercials!  Do as many Tricep Dips* as you can during the 1st commercial.  On […]

Fit Tip: Lose the Love Handles

Monday Morning Fit Tip: SHOW YOUR “LOVE HANDLES” SOME LOVE! All you need is a beach towel and your own body weight to slim and shape your waistline!  Try this workout after your normal cardio routine, 3-4 times a week!

Fit Tip: Go to the Park!

parkworkoutAs the summer sun calls you outside… it gets harder and harder to make it to the gym 4 times a week like you know you should!  So what can you do?  Come in for a quick 4+Core workout or your favorite classes, then on your off days, get a great workout outside! Park Workout: Walk, jog, bike, […]

Fit Tip: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

  Monday Morning Fit Tip: STAY FOCUSED TO SEE RESULTS It’s been over 6 weeks since  New Year’s Resolutions… How are you doing?  Going strong?  Awesome!  Remember to mix it up and challenge yourself so that your muscles don’t get used to the same old workout routine, and so that you don’t get bored. Having trouble […]

Fit Tip: Burn Fat Fast!

floorexercisesMonday Morning Fit Tip: BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS BURN FAT  Why Bodyweight Workouts? Bodyweight – we all have it.  Whether you’re at the club, at home, or on vacation, you can use your bodyweight for a very effective workout.   Using only your body weight as resistance builds strength and stamina quickly.  This increased strength means more muscle […]

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Woman exercising in gym with personal trainerPersonal trainers aren’t for everyone, but a trainer provides certain benefits that you can’t find when working out on your own. 9 reasons a personal trainer may be right for you: Motivation – One of the main reasons people benefit from a personal trainer is that they lack motivation to stick with a consistent exercise […]
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