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Sports Drinks: Do YOU Need Them?

water1Loving this helpful infographic from UPMC! * *Find more tips for staying hydrated here!* *

6 Mistakes that Slow Down your Metabolism

coffeecupEATING A BAGEL FOR BREAKFAST: It’s important to eat in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism, but try adding around 20 grams of protein (ex. greek yogurt) to your first meal of the day.  It takes more energy to digest than carbohydrates, and promotes muscle mass! DRINKING DECAF: caffeinated coffee can increase your metabolism by […]

5 Foods that Boost Your Energy

5foodsquickenergy  Monday Motivation: Next time you’re feeling that midday energy dip, pass on the pop and skip a trip to the vending machine!  Caffeine and sugar give you an energy spike, but the crash that follows will leave you feeling even more tired than before. Instead, try these 5 foods that help naturally boost your energy […]

Cold Weather Making You Crabby?

girlwithweightsMonday Motivation: Resistance training helps your body use muscle and mood-boosting Vitamin D more efficiently, leading to increased muscle mass and improved muscular function! Not sure how to use weights?  Join a class to learn the moves and have fun!  Try one of these:   Zumba + Toning * Power Yoga Sculpt * Boot Camp Aqua Tone * Body […]

Curb Late-Night Munching

latenightsnackYour stomach growls while watching late-night TV… are you really hungry?  Or is your body just tired, and requesting food for energy to stay up longer? Choice #1: Go to sleep! Late night eating can cause poor quality of sleep, a slower metabolism, and heartburn. Give your body the 8 hours of rest that it needs […]
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February (Heart-Healthy) Newsletter

February2016Mailer-hearthealthPhysical activity helps prevent heart disease and stroke, the nation’s #1 and #5 killers! To improve overall cardiovascular health, we suggest at least 150 minutes/week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of both). Try 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Too busy?  Divide your time into […]

Rest Day = Results

WHAT IS A REST DAY? Some of us barely have enough motivation to get to the gym, but others are there 5+ days a week, highly determined to reach their goals.  We’re so proud of all workouts that you complete – but if you’ve been exercising hard all week, your body needs a day off. […]

5 Tips for a Healthier Holiday

5tipshealthierholidayMonday Motivation: 50% OF AMERICANS WILL GAIN WEIGHT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON – BUT NOT YOU! It’s easy to imagine how this happens… the loaded buffet tables and special treats at parties provide too many temptations. Use these tips to avoid holiday weight gain: PLAN AHEAD and eat healthy meals & snacks before a party. You […]
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Easy Tips to Drink More Water

water1MONDAY MOTIVATION The Holiday Weight Loss Challenge contract states that you will drink 8 glasses of water each day.  How are you doing with that goal? WHY DRINK WATER? Speed up your metabolism Re-energize your muscles Flush the toxins and fat out of your body Fight fatigue Healthier skin and much, much more! MORE THAN […]

Your Kitchen Needs a Curfew

girlfridgeMonday Motivation: LOWER YOUR RISK OF BREAST CANCER IN 1 EASY STEP BAD NEWS: Poor blood sugar control is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.  Women with type 2 diabetes have have a 23% higher risk of developing breast cancer! GOOD NEWS: Women who fast overnight have better control over their blood sugar […]
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