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Want a NEW WORKOUT Every.Single.Day?

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$300 Weight Loss Program for only $60!

biggestloserchallenge    NEED TO LOSE 50+ POUNDS? Let us help you get started!  Through this special offer, members pay only $60 to join this 6-week challenge! ($300+ value) READY TO START LOSING WEIGHT?  Victory’s Biggest Loser Challenge includes a comprehensive weight loss plan that teaches you skills to lose the weight – and keep it […]
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What’s Up for September?

  STAY MOTIVATED THIS FALL …WITH FOOTBALL FRENZY! Simply stop by your club’s front desk to join, then each workout will get you 10 yards closer to the end zone… and PRIZES! IS THE BIGGEST LOSER RIGHT FOR YOU? Come meet Kim & Kathie, our Biggest Loser Trainers, at Victory West on Tuesday, September 13th […]
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Stressed? Work it out!

Monday Motivation: Exercise is your #1 stress-fighting weapon: Head to the gym for a high-energy workout Power walk with a friend Go for a run Relax with Yoga You will boost your endorphins while enjoying some time away from the situation.  Some studies have shown that this post-workout calm can last up to 2 whole […]

Get MORE from your Membership!

doyouhaveFeeling Stressed? Learn how to reduce stress, sleep better, and even lose weight!  Join Kim next Tuesday, August 16th for this free 30 minute workshop. New in the RxFitness Room at Victory West: Join Kathie for these free weekly challenges to see just how STRONG your body really is!  Wednesdays at 7pm, starting August 17th. […]
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5 Benefits of Being a Hot Mess!

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Some members don’t want to sweat while working out… but check out why GLISTENING CAN BE GOOD! IT’S YOUR BODY’S WAY OF KEEPING COOL SWEAT RELEASES TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY – So does drinking water! BETTER SKIN!  Sweating can actually unclog your pores & help prevent future breakouts! MAY HELP PREVENT KIDNEY STONES.  Loss of […]
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Thank you!

2016-west(2)THANK YOU! Thank you for dressing up, dancing like crazy, and celebrating Member Appreciation Day with us!  We wouldn’t be here without you, and it’s always so much fun to workout with you all!  
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Join the Spring Calorie Challenge!

apphandJoin Victory’s Spring Calories Challenge! Burning more calories than you consume is the key to rapid weight loss!  How can you do this? Eat healthier (choose lower calorie, filling foods) Record your food choices to be sure you’re staying on track! Challenge yourself during workouts – increase your intensity, speed, or range of motion! It’s […]

Anniversary Month!

Fitness dance zumba classAt Victory Fitness Center, we’ve been Getting People Fit and Keeping Fitness Fun since 1989! Watch for a special invitation to our month-long celebration! YOU Make Fitness FUN! Thank you for your amazing response to the March Madness Contest and Party Days!  We had so much fitness fun that we’ve already scheduled more parties (see […]
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The New APP!

apphandGet the New App! Download the new App for *FREE* today! Be the 1st to know about everything! Get notified of Free Services and Specials View the Group Fitness Schedules Track your workouts Participate in fun challenges …and much, much more!
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