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Fitness Tips

Mix It Up!

mixitupMonday Motivation: To challenge and strengthen your body, you need to change up your workouts every 4 – 6 weeks.  Try different forms of cardio or simply switch up the weight you’re lifting and the repetitions to see: BETTER RESULTS: Variety can help you do 44% more reps, lift heavier, and break through a weight-loss plateau! […]

30-20-10 Workouts

30-20-10logoMonday Motivation: TRY SOMETHING NEW! The 30-20-10 workout can be done with any form of cardio exercise!  It’s a form of interval training that boosts your metabolism, increases your speed, and burns fat!   Try a 30-20-10 Workout: Warm-up for 5 minutes Go easy for 30 seconds (low), faster for 20 seconds (medium), then fast as you […]

{Behind the Scenes} with Ann

annWhy do you enjoy Coaching? I love watching people achieve a new fitness level! I Coach many morning sessions at Victory West, and I look forward to these every day!  As a Coach, I get to design an intense workout to challenge members at their current fitness level. My favorite exercise: Row My grandmother had […]

1 Easy Way to Improve Your Health

helpingothersMonday Motivation: People enjoy feeling useful and helping others.  When we give to others, our brains release endorphins that cause feelings of pleasure, social connection, and trust – similar to how we feel after a great workout! Volunteers also report: increased self-esteem a feeling of empowerment their problems seem more manageable better health Join us […]
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Quick Fix: Triceps

quickfix-TricepsLots of ladies want to work their upper arms, but Tricep Kickbacks are often done wrong.  Use these tips for kickback perfection: CHECK YOUR FORM – head/neck/back should be in neutral alignment with your elbows high and tight against your sides SLOW & STEADY – stop using momentum; it builds little to no strength and muscle tone […]

Are You Competitive?

competitionUse your naturally competitive spirit to push yourself during workouts! BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT: Set a goal just for today. You could choose calories burned, number of reps or miles, completed classes; any goal you’d like! IN A CLASS OR COACHING: When you notice a fellow member who is pushing really hard, try to match their […]
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10 Habits of FIT People

good-habitsEXERCISE. Even when you don’t feel like it. Remind yourself of how great you’ll feel afterwards! MAKE IT A GAME. If you’re a competitive person, try a fitness tracker (like a fit bit). Aim for 10,000 steps a day or try and beat your top calories burned. USE A FOAM ROLLER for increased range of […]

Roll Out the Kinks!

foamrollerMonday Motivation: Athletes and physical therapists use foam rollers to smooth, lengthen, and relax tired muscles. Rolling also increases blood circulation to boost recovery time and performance. Try rolling out the kinks after your next workout! READ MORE: 7 Ways to Use a Foam Roller 5 Common Rolling Mistakes Receive the Monday Motivation Tip Via […]

An Apple a Day…

anappleadayMonday Motivation: In a new study at Cornell, people who ate an apple before grocery shopping purchased 28% more fruits and vegetables than those who’d eaten a cookie, and 25% more than those who hadn’t eaten. Healthy eating may put you in a healthy mindset – so try this trick before heading to the grocery, a party, […]

4 Common Workout Mistakes – and How to Fix Them!

4Mistake #1: DOING CORE WORK FIRST Whether it’s squats, lunges, shoulder presses, or step-ups, you recruit your core muscles for balance.  Wait to focus on abs at the end of your workout and they’ll already be in a partly fatigued state.  Bonus: This means you have to do less core work overall. Mistake #2: TOO MUCH STEADY-STATE CARDIO […]
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