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Fitness Techniques

Fit Tip: Lose the Love Handles

Monday Morning Fit Tip: SHOW YOUR “LOVE HANDLES” SOME LOVE! All you need is a beach towel and your own body weight to slim and shape your waistline!  Try this workout after your normal cardio routine, 3-4 times a week!

Fit Tip: Workout Anywhere & Everywhere!

bosumountainclimberMonday Morning Fit Tip: WORKOUT ANYWHERE! Whether you’re on vacation, at the club, or headed to a dorm room – you can use your bodyweight for a very effective workout!  Try these 8 Bodyweight Exercises today: High Knees Butt Kicks Jump Squats “T” Push-ups (do a push-up, then lift one arm for side plank) Mountain Climbers Down Dog […]

Fit Tips to >SHRINK< Your Stomach

Monday Morning Fit Tip: SHRINK YOUR STOMACH WITH THESE TIPS                 MAKE TIME FOR CARDIO.  If you want to burn the most belly fat, a Duke University study confirms that aerobic exercise (including  cardio classes, walking/running, swimming, etc) is the most effective in burning that deep, visceral belly fat. […]

4 Steps to a Better Butt

ballwallsitMonday Morning Fit Tip: TONE & TIGHTEN YOUR TUSH Walking is great for your glutes, especially if you’re tackling hills!  Other good butt-boosting cardio ideas?  Try the stair-climber, elliptical, arc trainer or inline skating.  After your cardio warm-up, try these:

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Boot Camp

memberpartystretchMonday Morning Fit Tip: AVOID THESE COMMON MISTAKES No one expects you to be perfect during class, but the mistakes below could result in a less-effective workout or even injury:     Not Paying Attention:  As you push yourself, also stay aware of the instructor (giving safety cues) and other members (so you don’t accidentally […]

Fit Tip: Less is More

Monday Morning Fit Tip: Less is More                             photo credit unknown.

Fit Tip: Go to the Park!

parkworkoutAs the summer sun calls you outside… it gets harder and harder to make it to the gym 4 times a week like you know you should!  So what can you do?  Come in for a quick 4+Core workout or your favorite classes, then on your off days, get a great workout outside! Park Workout: Walk, jog, bike, […]

Quick 10-minute Leg Workout



grillingWe’ve rounded up some favorite blog entries to help you enjoy a healthier Memorial Day:   One more tip? Get a quick workout before the parties and parades: We’re open 8am-2pm!          

Fit Tip: Get a Smaller Waistline … Before Work!

Measuring WaistMonday Morning Fit Tip: DO A QUICK CORE WORKOUT- BEFORE WORK! You can strengthen your back and trim your waistline – without even getting out of bed!  Try it this morning and then let us know what you think in the comment section below!  
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