Where Winning is Losing!
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Workouts with the staff has been so helpful to me, and exactly the accountability that I needed...  The staff by the way is fantastic! I'm so glad we switched to here, best place ever.

I was having financial difficulties, and the stress caused me to eat.  I did not exercise at all.  When my knees hurt just going up the stairs, I decided that I needed to make a change.

I joined Victory Fitness and slowly started seeing a difference in my body.  I now have more confidence and strength thanks to my coaches Dawn, Caleb, and Cassie.  Their support and encouragement keep me striving to continue to improve myself.

"If it ain't hurtin', it ain't workin'!" 

avatarI joined Victory Fitness because I was at the heaviest I had ever been.  Since joining I have lost 60 pounds, and won the Biggest Loser!  I now have more energy and confidence in myself.  The trainers are awesome!  They keep me motivated and challenge me to levels I never thought I could accomplish!

I love Victory Fitness! I am meeting all my goals with...Coaching to make sure that I am doing my workout the correct way. It is my second home. I am healthy. I just love how I feel!

Awesome staff, people, and equipment. You are greeted at the door as you come in and the staff will answer any questions you may have about any of the equipment. They also show you the proper way to used it. Kudos to them all.

avatarIn 2006, my jeans were getting a little snug......AGAIN! I kept going up and up in sizes. I decided to finally step on that scary scale and I had gained over 100 pounds! I was upset that I let myself get so out of control. My body was feeling it too! My face was covered in acne, I had no energy and I actually got diagnosed with polcystic ovarian syndrome.

So I joined an all women's gym. Let me tell you....it was so hard for me to work up the courage to walk in those doors! But I did and that very decision is what started my journey to saving my life and also what kick started my passion for health, fitness, and helping others. My very first workout there, I could barely even do 2 minutes on the exercise bike.

I learned about portion control and that I could eat MORE if I chose healthier foods. After 3 years, I reached my goal weight!!! Happy dance on the scale!!! Everyone complains when I tell them how long it took me. Well, let me tell you, the longer it takes, the longer you will keep it off. I made small changes along my journey. Changes that will stick with me my entire life!

One day, a friend invited me to join her for Zumba - Greatest class ever!!! I was nervous about being able to follow along because I definitely had no dance experience. Of course, I stumbled over my feet a bit because I didn't know the routines but the instructor said even if you don't get the moves, to just keep moving. So that's what I did! I was hooked! I ended up losing an additional 21 pounds and several inches off my waist and hips with adding Zumba to my life, making my total 81 pounds lost!
A year later, I reluctantly signed up for Zumba Fitness Instructor training. Somehow I got the courage to teach a class and I was hooked! I love my Zumba Fitness students. They are like family to me. As soon as you walk in my class, you are part of my Zumba Fitness family. I care about you and whatever goals you have. I will help you along your journey. We have fun and burn some calories at the same time. I hope to see you in a class soon at Victory Fitness Center!

Leave your stress at the door and let's dance!

avatarI had started ... at home because I didn't have the confidence yet to hit the gym.  Then I ended up joining Victory because I loved the atmosphere, the trainers seemed nice, and the price was great.
Then I joined Biggest Loser which ended up being so much more than a competition. I met great people that I am still friends with today, brought my total weight loss to 141 pounds, turned the way I thought about nutrition upside down, and, most importantly, realized what my body can do and how far it can take me!

...I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a kick start in their weight loss journey!

Water aerobics classes are excellent! Hats off to (the instructors who) really care for your well being! They always mixed up the activity so you do not become bored! They are always in a positive and energetic mood! You ladies are the best! Keep up the great work! I truly appreciate your classes!

This is a wonderful place. The women who work here actually care about helping you. If you allow it to work for you, this program is very personalized and friendly. Comfortable. You feel welcome when you walk in. . . This is a small, homey gym, and no boys allowed!*  They have so far helped me lose 30 lbs, and I'm not stopping anytime soon. It's a fun place to be, if you allow them to help you and get to know you. I love it.


*East and North Clubs are Women's Only.  West Club is Co-Ed.

Catherine M.
I absolutely love this gym! All the staff are great and hard working. I've been to workout in all three of the gyms in Columbus.  They are clean and the environment is positive.  I love the upbeat personalities of the staff.  Thanks for all your help with my weight loss goal!  I would definitely recommend this gym to my friends.  Thanks Victory!!

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