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I started this physical wellness journey back in 2012 - it was time for me to start focusing on me.  I started boxing as a healthier way to vent anger, but it's brought me so much more than that!

I started to build community with the people around me who also wanted to be healthier, better versions of themselves.  Inspired to reach more people, I became an Instructor.  This has been the greatest reward for me - to reach others, inspire them, and see them get through situations similar to mine.

Her Advice for You:

  • We all have struggles - but what counts is that we get back on track and never give up!

  • Don't try to overhaul everything at once.  Cut 1 small thing each week.  The smaller, more obtainable goals will help you get to your bigger goals!

  • Find a mantra that will inspire you.  My favorite quote is "We are all capable of amazing things," and I truly believe that now!


I didn't like what I saw... and I hated feeling tired all the time.  I decided that only I can make the change - no one else can do it for me.

At the beginning I did water classes 3 days/week.  Then I added weight training and other fitness classes (such as Insanity and Boot Camp) until I was up to 5 days a week!

Take your weight loss journey one day at a time and the results will come - I've lost 64 pounds!  Now I'm setting my sights on teaching group fitness classes one day!

Victory Fitness has changed my life! I'm not a skinny person, but I am feeling more fit and I'm more focused on living a healthier lifestyle. The staff is wonderful and a special shout out to Nicole, the best training coach ever!

The staff at Victory Fitness Center are excellent! Wonderful people! They are so helpful, positive and they want you to achieve your fitness goals! I look forward in seeing them at gym! Keep up the Great Work! I truly appreciate everything you do!

avatarI love this place! Caleb and Cassie are awesome. They are great about demonstrating exercises!  I love the coaching classes. I've lost 22 pounds since joining in January, I'm lifting heavier and running longer distances at a faster pace!  I've gained so much strength and stamina! WERQ is an awesome way to get my cardio in too!

The staff, the members, the facility, the encouragement, the sense of support and community...5 stars all day. Hands down.

I am very comfortable working out here.  The staff is very friendly and helpful!

It's all about options! At Victory Fitness, it's hard to get bored with so many ways to stay active. You'll find plenty of cardio equipment, fitness classes, weight machines, a swimming pool and an awesome fitness coaching program to help you meet your goals sooner than you'd think! I've been to a few gyms throughout Central Ohio and this is my favorite by far!

Great facility, friendly staff. I ended up renewing my membership and have been here a year now. Fun group classes, 1-on-1 training, and fitness plans are a great bonus for the price!

Friendly and helpful staff! A variety of equipment and classes you can utilize. And a very reasonable monthly fee!

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