Where Winning is Losing!
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Great place to work out. The manager Britiani has helped me so much! She has done something that no one else has been able to do with me - For the first time in 30+ years I really like working out! I have lost 10 pounds in just a little over a month. I'm feeling much better about myself. Thank you Britiani for all your help and support!

Great atmosphere.  Great staff.  I'm glad I chose to switch gyms!

I love it here! Staff are very nice. Rio is a great trainer and Zumba classes rock.

Amazing gym! The staff is all so warm and friendly!

The staff are friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable.

I love this place!  I've been here for 2 years and lost 50 lbs. The workouts are intense and well-planned. the instructors are very friendly and helpful. They take the time to explain the workout and watch to make sure you are doing a level of training that is best for your needs. Any time i have a question i get an immediate answer. The management staff is always friendly and well informed about everything to do with the gym and fitness and nutrition. I think this place is just FITNOMENAL!!!  If you want to be fit and have fun this is the place to go.

Love it here! Great staff, great equipment, encouraging environment, etc!!!

Favorite place to work out in the city! Staff is friendly, people are nice, and results speak for themselves! Do yourself a favor and check this place out asap!

I have been a member for 7 years on and off and I have never had a problem. I just recently decided to purchase personal training private sessions. My trainer Dawn is very knowledgeable and excited about fitness. She has helped me lose 20 pounds in just a little over a month. She's also helped me in knowing a little more about nutrition. I would recommend her to anyone in need. Thanks, Dawn!

TRX is the best!!  Rough but fun... If you need a no nonsense gym that is friendly with a variety of equipment- try this one.

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