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Randy is a member at our West Club.  He’s dedicated, always willing to try something new, and is committed to working hard for his results.  He has inspired so many people, and keeps us all laughing!  Here’s his story:
“I love this place!  I’ve been here for 2 year and lost 50 lbs. The workouts are intense and well planned, and the instructors are very friendly and helpful… The management staff is always friendly and well-informed about everything to do with the gym, fitness and nutrition. I think this place is just FITNOMENAL!!!”


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Busy summer schedules can make it difficult to workout,

but fall is just around the corner and it’s time to re-focus and commit to your health!  If you need help staying motivated and accountable, try Coaching!


Consuming high-protein foods can:

  •  Build lean muscle
  • Curb Hunger
  • Reduce muscle loss
  • Speed recovery after exercise
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight
pure proteinProtein comes from a variety of sources such as meat, milk, fish, soy, eggs, beans, and legumes.  If you aren’t getting enough protein or want faster results, try a meal plan system or a protein supplement!

Kathie Brown

Certified NASM and AFAA Personal Trainer. Over 20 years experience. Specializes in weight loss, athletes and women body building and leaning out. Crossfit athlete, trains and competes in Crossfit competitions. Took the L1 Crossfit course and completed the judges course. Enjoys working with all levels and body types and loves seeing her clients get stronger and feel confident.

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