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North Club

We have called and emailed all our North Club members over the past months, but had some outdated contact information and want to make sure that everyone stays updated:

The landlord of our Graceland location has not renewed the lease.  Our last day at this club is Friday, July 22nd, 2016
but we are diligently looking for a new location!

The past few weeks have been so bittersweet after twenty-seven years of fitness and friendships together at this club!  THANK YOU to all who made our “last” workout parties and potlucks possible!

We look forward to exercising with you again soon, and will keep you updated as we search for a new location!

Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to our NEW West Club located at 4360 West Broad Street and our East Club at 3981 East Broad to check out the classes, pools, and equipment to see if they are a good match for you.

Please call us at 614-351-9002 if you have any questions.

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