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Monday Fit Tip: Just Say “No!”

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 6:45 am


Monday Morning Fit Tip:



While a doctor should diagnose the cause of severe knee pain, there are a few small changes that you can make to your workout to help prevent or reduce knee injury!

Try a modified lunge.  If lunges bother your knees, try a modified lunge with a smaller range of motion.  Use modified lunges with good form – and over time you might be able to transition back to regular lunges without pain!

Stretch!  Do your knees ache after exercising?  This may be caused by tight hamstring and calf muscles.  Try this 10 minute yoga-stretch series to help avoid future pain and prevent injury.  *This is especially helpful for runners!

Strengthen Your Hips.  According to recent research findings, weak hips are the biggest predictor of knee pain!  What can you do?  Try these 3 moves to strengthen your hips


static squat Have Healthy Knees?

Awesome!  Keep them that way!

1.  Don’t ignore or exercise through pain.

2.  Never overdo unfamiliar activities.

3.  While walking, don’t exaggerate your stride, overarch your back or lock your knees as you extend.

4.  On the elliptical, exercise bike or stair climber, never straighten your legs completely.

5.  Don’t forget that overall stability, core strength and proper posture are key.

Read more!  Click here for 10 knee-friendly lower body exercises.

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