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Fit Tip: Eat a Post-Workout Snack

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 6:15 am

blueberrieswikimediacommonsMonday Morning Fitness Tip:

Your body uses a lot of energy during a workout. If you don’t replenish it, your muscles won’t properly recover, and all your hard work could go to waste. So what should you eat post-workout? 
See our top choices below!

*Eggs – Protein + carbs = a good post-workout meal!
*Quinoa – It contains far more protein and fiber than brown rice
*OJ – In addition to vitamin C, you’ll also get more potassium than you would find in a sports drink
*Bananas – They help restore glycogen which helps rebuild damaged muscles
*Salmon – The anti-inflammatory omega-3’s found in salmon will help rebuild your muscles and increase performance, and it’s a great source of protein!
*Blueberries – Hooray for antioxidants; studies show they can help speed up your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness!
*Pita & Hummus – Quick and easy to prepare with protein and slow-release carbs
*Dried Fruit & Nuts  Soy nuts are especially helpful for building muscle; a half cup contains 34 grams of protein.
*Pineapple A natural anti-inflammatory that’s been proven to repair tissue and heal bruises, sprains, and swelling.
*Sweet Potatoes – Contain a healthy dose of carbs, and a variety of vitamins and nutrients.
*Kiwi – Huge amounts of vitamin C and potassium in one tiny serving.  Bonus tip: Don’t throw out the skin; it’s full of even more nutrients.


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