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Fit Tip: Plan Ahead for a Healthier Halloween

Monday Morning Fit Tip: PLAN AHEAD FOR A HEALTHIER HALLOWEEN Whether you’re sitting and passing out candy, or walking around with little ones to collect it, here some tips to help you enjoy Trick-or-Treat while not ruining all your hard work at the gym: 1. Resist the Sales. Don’t fall for coupons or BOGO deals. A 5-pound […]

It’s Time to Party!

foam2014shirtAdmission is FREE to all Pink Parties! * EAST * Monday, Oct 27th 5:30pm Zumba (Nicole) 6:00pm PiYo (Shelia) 6:30pm Bootcamp (Shelia) 7:00pm TurboKick (Shelia & Amanda) 7:30pm Zumba (Amanda) FUN CLASSES * WEST * Tuesday, Oct 28th 5:30pm Zumba (Tamiko) 6:00pm Zumba (Tracey) 6:40pm Boot Camp & WOD Challenge (Erin) 7:30pm Zumba (Mindy) RAFFLES & GIVEAWAYS * NORTH * Wed, Oct 29th 9:30am Pink Party & Potluck (Kim) – wear PINK!! 5:30pm Barbell Burn & […]
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Fit Tip: 5 Benefits of Helping Others

haitigirlMonday Morning Fit Tip: GIVE BACK TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND THE WORLD AROUND YOU Volunteers say they like helping others and being useful, but volunteering may also be good for your physical health: volunteers have reported increased self-esteem, a feeling of empowerment and better health.  Many people report a ‘high’ from volunteering that is similar to the […]
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Construction Update (West Club)

2014-08-15 09.16.34We are working hard to finish construction at the new Victory West Building! Like all construction projects, we have had a few minor set-backs that slowed things down, but we’re making progress. The pool is in, the walls are going up, and equipment is beginning to arrive! New Club Amenities You’re going to love the: […]
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Fit Tip: Know Your Breast Cancer Risk

breastcancer1in8Monday Morning Fit Tip: KNOW YOUR BREAST CANCER RISK In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this week’s fit tip focuses on what YOU CAN DO for your breast health:   1. KNOW YOUR RISK Research your family history & discuss it with your doctor. 2. GET SCREENED Johns Hopkins Medical Center states, “40% of diagnosed breast cancers […]
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Fit Tip: Squat Safely

squatsMonday Morning Fit Tip SQUAT SAFELY TO PROTECT YOUR KNEES If squats hurt your knees, chances are that you’re not doing them correctly.  Check your form in the mirror, or ask a trainer for help, and watch for these common mistakes: Not going low enough Losing your posture Lifting your heels Letting your knees travel […]

October Newsletter

TRYANEWCLASSHAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mary has been a member at Victory Fitness since we opened 25 years ago. She is a huge inspiration to all of our ladies! She’s a cancer survivor and celebrated her 92nd birthday with some of her workout buddies in Kim’s 9:30 cardio class at Graceland this year! When she isn’t baking pies, […]

Fit Tip: Try Aqua Fitness!

WATER ZUMBAMonday Morning Fit Tip: TRY AN AQUA FITNESS CLASS According to the recent survey, our members’ favorite classes are in the pool! So if you haven’t tried water aerobics yet, you’re missing out! Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Aqua Class: * GREAT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS * Regardless of your fitness level, you can […]
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Fit Tip: What Does the Clock Say?

timeforfitnessMonday Morning Fit Tip: WATCH THE CLOCK Your body’s clock, that is. Schedule your workouts at the time that you have the most energy.  Morning person?  Plan your workouts for early in the day. If you tend to perk up as the day goes along, plan PM activities. Working out while you have the most […]
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Fit Tip: Brown Bag It!

nutritionmonthMonday Morning Fit Tip: BROWN BAG IT FOR A CHEAP AND HEALTHY LUNCH! Whether you’re preparing for back to school, or just back to another week at the office, packing your lunch is a great idea!  It’s cost effective and a chance for you to really nourish your body.  Need some ideas to get started? […]
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