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Memorial Day Hours & Classes

memorialdayRemembering the lives of all who died serving our great nation, and thinking of those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.  Happy Memorial Day! Start your holiday with a great workout: EAST open 8am – 12pm 9:30am Aqua 9:30am Boot Camp NORTH open 8am – 12pm 9:30am Cize WEST open 8am – 2pm […]
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Now Thru Memorial Day!

MemorialDay2016-VFCHurry in & take advantage of these special offers! Victory Fitness Center (614) 351-1717 Memorial Day Hours & Classes: EAST open 8am – 12pm 9:30am Aqua 9:30am Boot Camp NORTH open 8am – 12pm 9:30am Cize WEST open 8am – 2pm 10:00am Zumba  
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5 Quick Tips to >>SQUEEZE<< Exercise into Your Busy Life!

findthetimesmallMONDAY MOTIVATION:     THE EARLY BIRD GETS … FIT! We know it’s hard, but wake up early and get your workout done & over with before your day starts so that nothing else can get in the way! LUNCH HOUR: Can you power walk with a friend, run to the gym for a 30 min […]

Tell Us How We’re Doing!

Your opinion matters!   We would like to serve you better!  Please take a moment and tell us how we’re doing, the survey should take less than 3 minutes:   Thank you, your feedback is very valuable to us! The Staff at Victory Fitness Center
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This is NOT Your Grandmother’s Workout!

WATER ZUMBAMONDAY MOTIVATION: Make a Splash with Aqua Fitness 4 BENEFITS OF AN AQUA CLASS: PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Everyone can get a great workout in the water!  Your instructor will offer plenty of options to increase/ decrease the level of difficulty so that you can really go at your own pace! IT’S NOT COMPETITIVE: In […]

How Can You Burn 8,000 Calories?

300caloriesMONDAY MOTIVATION: You only need to burn ~300 calories a day to complete the FREE Spring Fitness Challenge! WHAT WILL YOU TRY FIRST? photo source: Bulu Box

May Newsletter

2016-west(2)THANK YOU! Thank you for dressing up, dancing like crazy, and celebrating Member Appreciation Day with us!  We wouldn’t be here without you, and it’s always so much fun to workout with you all! NEED ACCOUNTABILITY? Sign up for Unlimited Coaching – only $49/month! Try 1 Session FREE and see if Coaching is right for you! GET […]
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HOW TO: Intensify Your Push-ups!

pushupsmodifiedHOW? You may have heard this called a burpee or a squat thrust push-up… From a standing position, bend down, put your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, and walk or jump your feet back into plank position.  Do a push-up, then walk or jump your feet back in towards your hands.  Stand up… then start […]

Join the Spring Calorie Challenge!

apphandJoin Victory’s Spring Calories Challenge! Burning more calories than you consume is the key to rapid weight loss!  How can you do this? Eat healthier (choose lower calorie, filling foods) Record your food choices to be sure you’re staying on track! Challenge yourself during workouts – increase your intensity, speed, or range of motion! It’s […]

6 Mistakes that Slow Down your Metabolism

coffeecupEATING A BAGEL FOR BREAKFAST: It’s important to eat in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism, but try adding around 20 grams of protein (ex. greek yogurt) to your first meal of the day.  It takes more energy to digest than carbohydrates, and promotes muscle mass! DRINKING DECAF: caffeinated coffee can increase your metabolism by […]
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