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Stressed? Work it out!

Monday Motivation: Exercise is your #1 stress-fighting weapon: Head to the gym for a high-energy workout Power walk with a friend Go for a run Relax with Yoga You will boost your endorphins while enjoying some time away from the situation.  Some studies have shown that this post-workout calm can last up to 2 whole […]

Get MORE from your Membership!

doyouhaveFeeling Stressed? Learn how to reduce stress, sleep better, and even lose weight!  Join Kim next Tuesday, August 16th for this free 30 minute workshop. New in the RxFitness Room at Victory West: Join Kathie for these free weekly challenges to see just how STRONG your body really is!  Wednesdays at 7pm, starting August 17th. […]
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Light(en) Up Your BBQ!

grillingMonday Motivation: WATCH FOR HIDDEN SUGARS Ketchup & BBQ sauce can have 6+ grams of sugar per tablespoon! Read labels carefully, and try salsa, hummus, guacamole, or mustard. AVOID GIANT BUNS Prevent carb overload with sandwich thins or lettuce wraps instead of large bakery buns, and save around 200 calories! SMARTER SIDES Tempted by pasta and potato […]

MIX IT UP for Better Results!

mixitupTo challenge and strengthen your body, you need to change up your workouts every 4 – 6 weeks. BETTER RESULTS: Variety can help you do 44% more reps, lift heavier, and break through a weight-loss plateau! LOWER RISK OF INJURY: Repetitive motions put strain on the muscles and joints involved, which is why all trainers recommend cross-training. BEAT […]
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How HEAVY Should Your Weights Be?

WEIGHTSMONDAY MOTIVATION: For maximum results and safety, you need to choose different weights for different exercises!   HOW HEAVY SHOULD I LIFT? To find out what size weights you should be using for an exercise, find the heaviest one that you can use with proper form. (So, one bicep curl, if that’s what you’re going […]

5 Benefits of Being a Hot Mess!

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Some members don’t want to sweat while working out… but check out why GLISTENING CAN BE GOOD! IT’S YOUR BODY’S WAY OF KEEPING COOL SWEAT RELEASES TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY – So does drinking water! BETTER SKIN!  Sweating can actually unclog your pores & help prevent future breakouts! MAY HELP PREVENT KIDNEY STONES.  Loss of […]
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Tips for Cardio Lovers!

11041916_869381623124969_9170946790645809143_oMONDAY MOTIVATION: Do you know that you should be lifting weights – but just love your cardio too much? Combine aerobics and resistance training to LOSE MORE WEIGHT than you would just doing cardio! Alternate weight training/cardio days, or weight train before a cardio class like Zumba Lift weights first, while your body is still fresh, to […]

3 Quick Tips for Perfect Push-Ups!


Sports Drinks: Do YOU Need Them?

water1Loving this helpful infographic from UPMC! * *Find more tips for staying hydrated here!* *

Burn More Calories on the Elliptical!

ellipticalMONDAY MOTIVATION: Boost Your Calorie Burn!   WORK YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Choose a machine that requires both leg and arm work. You’ll activate more muscles while improving circulation, increasing calorie burn, and strengthening your abs, back and core! LOOK FOR AN “INTERVAL” SETTING: Intervals are challenging, but they also get the job done faster! Be […]
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