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5 Ways to BOOST Your BOOTY

In the new “I’m Doing This for ME!” class, members are requesting mostly CORE and BUTT exercises. Try these 5 exercises to shape & tone your backside:   SQUAT – Squats are fantastic because they work the entire lower body and really rev your metabolism. If squats bug your knees, click here! KICKBACK (see image above) Add resistance bands or […]

Are YOU the Winner???

winnerThe Fit for the Holidays 1 FREE YEAR OF COACHING Winners are: * Michele Brown * Dixie Bigler * Joyce Dunford * * Shawnett Wade * Sandy Evans * Congratulations!  Coaching has been added to your membership.  Join a session today!
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5 Fit Tips for Beginners

New to exercise?  Here are some tips to help get you started: START LOW & SLOW.  Begin working out 2 days a week, using light weights.  Gradually work up to exercising several days a week. STRETCH.  After your muscles are warm, holding stretches can increase flexibility and help prevent injuries. MIX IT UP.  For best results, your body needs cardio, […]

Fit Tip: Try a Trend

Monday Morning Fit Tip: TRY A TREND! If you don’t LOVE your fitness routine – but you would like to – where should you start?  Try a trend (see below) or one of the NEW CLASSES that begin today! TOP FITNESS TRENDS FOR 2015: Body Weight Training Strength Training Yoga Functional Fitness Group Training / […]

Fit Tip: Run for Your Life

run5minutesRunning 5-10 minutes each day COULD ADD 3 YEARS TO YOUR LIFE*! Try adding a short run to your regular workout, or meeting friends for a quick jog after work. *Iowa State University BONUS TIPS: Buy Running Shoes that Fit Quick Workout?  Turn up the Intensity! Great Post-Run Stretches Try Running in the Pool

5 Quick Tips for a Flat Stomach

girl_situpMAKE TIME FOR CARDIO.  Burn belly fat with fun classes, walking, running, swimming, etc. FORGET FROZEN DINNERS.  Many pre-packaged foods have too much salt which makes you feel sluggish and look bloated.  Focus on fruits and veggies that are packed with water. GOSSIP ON THE GO.  Instead of meeting friends for drinks, invite them to join you at the club! […]

Fit Tip: Start TODAY!

Weigh in and set SMART NEW YEAR’S GOALS* with your trainer today! *Are you setting BIG, long-term goals?  Read this about also setting Mini-Goals.  
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Fit Tip: Love Your Leggings

Monday Morning Fit Tip: LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK IN LEGGINGS! Whether at the gym or running errands, yoga pants and leggings have become a winter wardrobe staple.  Do a 5 minute cardio warm-up, complete the leg circuit from Popsugar (see below) TWICE, stretch, and you’re done!  Try doing this workout 2 times each week along […]

Fit Tip: Do You Need Supplements?

supplements  A study of 3 million people revealed that less than 1% of the participants got enough essential vitamins from diet alone. 10 Reasons you may need vitamins and/or supplements: You skip meals.  Skipping meals won’t affect your nutrition if, over the course of each day, you get enough calories and nutrients to meet your daily […]

8 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

holidayfittip You CAN end the cycle of holiday weight gain. You CAN get in BETTER SHAPE during the holidays! Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving and try some of these tips: 1. Plan Ahead. Schedule your workouts each week, including the day and time, just like work. 2. Get it out of the way.  Exercise early in the […]
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