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Next Week at Victory West

grandopening As we transition to our new location, our goal is to keep your workout interruptions to a minimum.  However, please be patient and expect some mess and general craziness as we move! The locker rooms and pool will close Monday, March 2nd.  Limited classes will be held this week.  The current West Club will close […]
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Grand Opening PARTY!

Everyone is invited to the GRAND OPENING PARTY of the ALL-NEW Victory West! Saturday, March 7th 9:00am – 6:00pm 4360 W Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43228        
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Are You Sitting Down? (Stretches for Hip Flexibility)

girlstrechingshoesSitting all day can cause hip and back pain, along with tight hip flexors.  These stretches can help: KNEELING HIP-FLEXOR STRETCH Step into a lunge position, and lower your back knee to the ground. Keep your upper body straight while you tilt your pelvis forward. Hold for one minute, release, and repeat two more times. […]

The Power of Protein

high-protein-foodsMONDAY MOTIVATION: Try adding some of these high-protein foods into your diet PROTEIN IS GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS: PROTEIN SATISFIES - Protein is helps you feel fuller longer. It slows down digestion making you feel more satisfied, so you’ll be less likely to go back for seconds. IT CURBS CARB HIGHS & LOWS - Pairing protein with […]

HOW TO: Burn More Calories!

burn 1/3 more calories by combining cardio & weights in 1 workout!If that’s not enough, here are 5 More Reasons why WEIGHTLIFTING should be part of your exercise routine: HEART HEALTH: Lifting weights can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. BURN BELLY FAT: According to Harvard University, women who lift heavy weights lose more belly fat than those who don’t. PREVENT OSTEOPEROSIS and build strong bones. BOOST YOUR METABOLISM:  Lifting […]

February Newsletter

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Never Miss a Monday

quick, simple fitness tipsYour Monday workout will release endorphins to make you feel confident and motivated; a great way to start the week! It can also help you make better food choices and sweat out any weekend indulgences! Do you have any fitness rules?
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HOW TO: Avoid Muscle Soreness

yoga stretches to avoid muscle sorenessSTART SLOW - Whether you’re new to exercise or just took a few days off, ease into it to keep your muscle fibers happy. HYDRATE - This is your body’s first defense against soreness and most illnesses.  Sip water throughout the day, then 32oz more for each hour of exercise. POST-WORKOUT FUEL – Help speed up the recovery process with a nutritious protein-filled […]

5 Ways to BOOST Your BOOTY

In the new “I’m Doing This for ME!” class, members are requesting mostly CORE and BUTT exercises. Try these 5 exercises to shape & tone your backside:   SQUAT – Squats are fantastic because they work the entire lower body and really rev your metabolism. If squats bug your knees, click here! KICKBACK (see image above) Add resistance bands or […]

Are YOU the Winner???

winnerThe Fit for the Holidays 1 FREE YEAR OF COACHING Winners are: * Michele Brown * Dixie Bigler * Joyce Durnford * * Shawnett Wade * Sandy Evanoo * Congratulations!  Coaching has been added to your membership.  Join a session today!
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