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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fit Tip: Choose Your Plate Wisely

choosemyplateMonday Morning Fitness Tip: CHOOSE YOUR PLATE WISELY                 There is exactly the same amount of food on each plate!  Using a smaller plate for your meals may help you feel more satisfied with a smaller amount of food. BUILD YOUR PLATE WISELY The USDA recommends that 1/2 of your […]

Tips for a Healthier Holiday

White_ChristmasMonday Morning Fitness Tip: PLAN AHEAD FOR A HEALTHIER HOLIDAY Think about what distracts you from your health and fitness goals this time of year (go ahead, we’ll wait)…  Now use the ideas below to help keep you motivated and on track this holiday season!  Are you a taste-tester?  Abs are made in the kitchen […]

Fit Tip: Carbs are Good!

  Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body – they are the energy that gets used first (before protein and fat) Without carbs, protein from our muscles would be used instead.  This means that your body would be eating it’s own muscles that you’ve worked so hard to build! Focus on the […]
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Fit Tip: Mix it up with Medicine Balls

Have you seen the NEW Medicine Balls in your club? Medicine Balls are Efficient – instead of focusing on one muscle at a time (like with hand weights), you will use many core muscles to do each exercise!  Try using a medicine ball with exercises that you’re already familiar with such as pushups, lunges or burpees. […]
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