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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fit Tip: Brown-Bag It!

berriesMonday Morning Fit Tip: BROWN BAG IT FOR A CHEAP AND HEALTHY LUNCH! Whether you’re preparing for back to school, or just back to another week at the office, packing your lunch is a great idea!  It’s cost effective and a chance for you to really nourish your body.  Need some ideas to get started? […]
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Fit Tip: Low Impact Love!

WATER ZUMBAMonday Morning Fit Tip: GIVE LOW-IMPACT EXERCISES SOME LOVE! Research suggests that low-impact activities are just as effective as high-impact exercises in lowering the risk of heart disease; while putting less stress on your joints!  Try mixing one (or more) of these low-impact exercises into your workout schedule:   Walking – to mix it up, take […]
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Fit Tip: Eat Smart

Eat Smart!Monday Morning Fit Tip: PLAN AHEAD FOR SUCCESS You’re exercising and eating healthy, trying to make good decisions.  Then all of the sudden you’re holding a menu with all sorts of tempting treats!  How can you enjoy a meal out while still working towards your goals?  Try these tips: Get creative!  Combine side dishes and appetizers […]
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Fit Tip: 6 Stretches Your Muscles Need

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GET THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT BY STRETCHING! If you’re not getting the results that you expect from your exercise routine, tight muscles may be to blame!  When one muscle group (such as your quads) is tight, that prevents others (like your hamstrings) from working correctly.  This can lead to a […]
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