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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Fit Tip: Swap Your Snack!

berry smoothieMonday Morning Fit Tip: SWAP YOUR SNACK FOR A HEALTHIER CHOICE *Find more healthy eating ideas and recipes on our Pinterest page! Image credit AllYou.com

Fit Tip: Burn, Baby Burn!

Measuring WaistMonday Morning Fit Tip: GET THE FACTS ABOUT FAT                                             Image credit tumblr.com

Fit Tip: Get Out the Grill!

grillMonday Morning Fit Tip: GET OUT THE GRILL! Grilling out isn’t just fun, it can be good for you!  Thanks to shorter cooking times, veggies retain more vitamins and minerals, and food retains better flavors so you can use less calorie-packed condiments!  Try these 4 tips for healthier grilling tonight:  Look for Lean Cuts.  The leanest poultry […]

Fit Tip: Slow Down

RESISTMonday Morning Fit Tip: SLOW DOWN FOR PROGRESS We’re so used to multi-tasking that sometimes we forget the positive effects of slowing things down: During your next meal, slow down!  Put your fork down between bites.  Chew your food slowly, take a drink, and enjoy the moment.  You will likely enjoy your meal more, and consume […]
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