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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Fit Tip: Move Your Hips!

girlstrechingshoesMonday Morning Fit Tip: STRETCH YOUR HIPS AFTER RUNNING Sometimes when we run, our leg doesn’t extend back far enough before swinging forward again.  As a result, we lose power and sometimes balance – as well as speed.  Over time this could even cause injury.  Below is a quick program from Runners World that can help […]

Fit Tip: Spice Up Your Salad!

saladheaderMonday Morning Fit Tip: ADD A SALAD TO YOUR NEXT MEAL, OR MAKE YOUR MEAL A SALAD   Veggies are essential for a healthy diet and body!  Vegetables (especially green ones): are loaded with nutrients provide our bodies with complex carbohydrates which digest slowly and don’t spike blood sugar levels contain fiber which aids in digestion, […]

Fit Tip: Busy? Try a 1-Minute Workout!

1MINUTE            Monday Morning Fit Tip: FIT EXERCISE INTO YOUR BUSY DAY, 1 MINUTE AT A TIME We’re loving this Pinterest idea!  If your summer schedule is making it difficult for you to workout, try this: Write down different exercises on popsicle sticks. Each time you walk past the sticks, pick […]
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Fit Tip: Don’t “Resist” Change!

RESISTYour body is smart!  Doing the same exercises over and over (same range of motion, angles, etc) doesn’t challenge your body.  If your body isn’t challenged, you won’t see changes. WHAT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU DOESN’T CHANGE YOU! To avoid hitting a plateau, you need to vary your workout methods.  This means using machines, barbells, kettle […]
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