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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fit Tip: Drink!

flavoredwaterMonday Morning Fit Tip: STAY HYDRATED!                       The possibility of becoming dehydrated rises with the temperatures, so staying hydrated will be extra important in the upcoming months!  Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid than it gains.  Some symptoms of dehydration include, but are […]

Fit Tip: Pick Kettlebells for the Win!

iworkoutMonday Morning Fit Tip: ADD KETTLEBELLS TO YOUR ROUTINE!               **Bonus: Find quick & fun Kettlebell workouts on our Pinterest page!  

Fit Tip: Get Positive

iworkoutMonday Morning Fit Tip: FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES Positive thoughts are empowering. The statements on the left are positive reasons of why you might workout.  But why should YOU focus on the positive? Well, a negative attitude can set processes in motion that make losing weight difficult, if not impossible. Berating yourself every time you […]
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Fit Tip: Take a Plunge

iStock_000015334212SmallMonday Morning Fit Tip: WORK OUT IN THE POOL YOU CAN GET A GREAT WORKOUT IN THE POOL!  The major benefit of working out in water is that you get resistance coming from all sides, but without the stress and impact that you get from exercising on land. In fact, working out in water requires that […]
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