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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fit Tip: Be a Tortoise, Not a Hare

Young Adults Lifting Weights at the GymMonday Morning Fit Tip: LIFT WEIGHTS SUPER-SLOW FOR SUPER-FAST RESULTS                 If you’re running, biking, and attacking that elliptical with all your energy – but still not getting the results that you want, try adding a SLOW workout to your schedule.  It’s sounds crazy, but here’s why it just […]

Fit Tip: Overcome Injuries

Monday Morning Fit Tip: OVERCOME INJURIES   Injury prevention is ideal.  But what should you do when you get hurt?  Should you stop working out?  When is it safe to start again?  If it doesn’t feel severe enough to see a Doctor, try these tips to overcome the injury.         What’s Causing the Pain?  […]
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Fit Tip: Could Giving Back Improve Your Health?

Monday Morning Fit Tip: GIVE BACK TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & THE WORLD AROUND YOU                 We’ve always heard that it’s ‘better to give than to receive…’ and now there is scientific evidence to back that up! Studies about volunteering in the USA have shown that people vounteer […]
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Fit Tip: Pick Up Your Pace

lungeandcurlMonday Morning Fit Tip: PICK UP YOUR PACE                                You want to be healthy.  You eat well & workout.  But sometimes life gets really busy.  The next thing you know, there doesn’t seem to be time for exercise.  The next time you’re thinking about skipping a workout, try […]
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