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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Fit Tip: Stay Away from the 4 S’s

Monday Morning Fit Tip: Stay Away from the 4 S’s If you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, you need to limit the amount of Sugar, Starches, Sodium & Saturated fat in your diet.   1. Sugar Sugars and starches raise your blood sugars and can be converted to fat.  There are different types of […]
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Fit Tip: Buy Shoes That Fit

Monday Morning Fit Tip: BUY SHOES THAT FIT  The comfort of your feet can determine how long you work out, and at what intensity.  Blisters and numbness are signs of poor-fitting shoes that negatively affect your workouts.  If your feet hurt you may compensate by changing your posture or stride, which could lead to injury.  […]
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5 Fit Tips: Flat Abs Fast!

girl_situpMonday Morning Fit Tip: FLATTEN YOUR ABS FASTER WITH THE FIT TIPS BELOW!                           1.  Make time for cardio  If you want to burn the most belly fat, a Duke University study confirms that aerobic exercise (including cardio classes, walking/running, elliptical & much more!) […]

Fit Tip: Burn Fat Fast!

floorexercisesMonday Morning Fit Tip: BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS BURN FAT  Why Bodyweight Workouts? Bodyweight – we all have it.  Whether you’re at the club, at home, or on vacation, you can use your bodyweight for a very effective workout.   Using only your body weight as resistance builds strength and stamina quickly.  This increased strength means more muscle […]
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